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Life as a student artist can be chaotic, as you’re required to practice your craft each day while going to class and staying on top of your homework. It can be very overwhelming, especially when schoolwork starts to pile up. It may often feel like you need to prioritize one more than the other to succeed, but balance is possible! The key is creating a plan that works for you and sticking with it, even during your busiest weeks. Here are some ways you can help yourself balance both school and your artistic endeavors:

1.   Make a daily to-do list 

  • Making a daily to-do list is so essential because it keeps you organized on what you need to do each day and it encourages you to check off each task on the list. You can even include fun tasks like watching TV or hanging out with friends as something to look forward to checking off later in the day. It feels so satisfying when everything on your list is complete by the end of the day! 
  • It can also help manage your stress levels because it forces you to only focus on work for today, instead of thinking ahead about all the future work that you may have.   
  • For a more in-depth look at how to plan out your day, check out this video:

 2.  Plan out your month

  • Make sure you have a planner you can use to plan out your month. This planner should include important tests, assignments, and competitions occurring that month. This planner can be useful to look through at the beginning of each week to prepare yourself for what needs to get done.  
  • You can buy a physical planner to use, or you can use an online planner. If you prefer an online planner, Notion, Google Calendar, and Trello, are great planners that allow you to organize your work in a seamless online system. 

3. Manage your time and be present

  • This tip is SO important as a student artist because you have such limited time in the day to work on your craft and on school. The main thing you should avoid at all costs as a student artist is procrastinating. Procrastinating on work may seem appealing, but it will hurt your academic and artistic performance in the long run. Unfortunately, as a student artist, you don’t have time to procrastinate work and you must prioritize time management no matter what.  
  • A crucial aspect of time management is being present in everything you do. If you spend an hour doing homework, ensure that the entire hour is solely focused on doing work. If you’re in rehearsal, make sure you’re not spending your time stressing about schoolwork. 

4. Reach out for help

  • If you’re struggling in rehearsal or at school, reach out for help immediately! Maybe you’re having a hard time in a particular subject, you can’t keep in rehearsal, or you’re struggling to juggle both rehearsals and schoolwork. That’s totally okay, but make sure you talk to your director or your teacher for help. They are there not just to teach and mentor you, but they are also here to support you during difficult times. 

It’s incredibly hard to be a student artist, but these tips I’ve outlined can make it much more manageable. Finding ways to make your busy life a little easier can go a long way in helping you reach your full potential as both a student and performer.