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2023 NCPA & NHSPA National Step Championships

Step and performing arts enthusiasts from 27 different states traveled to Harlem to see the best high school and college step teams in the country compete at the world-famous Apollo Theater in NYC for National Champion status and glory.

  • Over 1,000 in attendance
  • $13,000 cash prize pool
  • Over 160 competitors
  • 38,000 NHSPA Bracket Votes Cast
  • $2,000 awarded to Harlem youth groups
  • 110M Earned Media Impressions
  • 200+ Harlem youth attended for free through community partnerships

2022 NCPA National DJ Championship

The best college DJs in the nation competed in a two-month long, virtual March Madness-style knockout bracket competition. 32 DJs were divided into eight regions and went head-to-head in a fan-voted competition with the ultimate Champions and All-Americans decided by industry expert judges.

  • $10,000 cash prize pool
  • Top 12 DJs shared winnings with charities of their choice
  • $20,000 in DJ equipment prizes from Roland & V-MODA
  • Grammy Award-winning Celebrity DJ Panel
  • Partners included Broadstream, Roland, V-MODA, American DJ Association & SongHero

2020/21 NCPA National A Cappella Championship

NCPA’s UpStagedAID: One World, Every Student Voice was the biggest virtual college A Cappella competition in history. The nation’s most talented and accomplished A Cappella groups competed in a virtual, three-month long March Madness-style knockout bracket competition.


  • $10,000 cash prize pool
  • Winnings shared with charities of each team’s choice
  • 64 competing teams
  • 150,000 bracket votes cast
  • 600,000 views on social media
  • 50,000 unique website visitors in six weeks

2019/20 NCPA & NHSPA National Step Championships

Live from the renowned Lincoln Center in NYC, the inaugural NCPA and NHSPA Championships changed the student performing arts viewed forever. Featuring a dynamic new performing arts championship format, cash prizes, and varying honors and recognitions.


  • $5,000 cash prize pool
  • Over 100 competitors
  • Debut of March Madness-style knockout bracket competition
  • Celebrity judges from Stomp and Step Afrika
  • Rave audience reviews

2018 NCPA's "A Very Quaker Holiday" Showcase

The NCPA’s inaugural student performer showcase featured the top performing groups from University of Pennsylvania ringing in the holiday season from the historic Carnegie Hall in NYC. Performances ranged from a cappella, and dance to comedy, and glee.


  • Total sellout in three days
  • Five diverse performing groups
  • Over 100 performers
  • Wildly popular with alumni and the student body
  • Successful blueprint for future holiday shows