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About UpStaged Entertainment Group

Who We Are

UpStaged Entertainment Group is a NYC-based performing arts platform formed to empower college and high school performers to passionately celebrate the joy of competition.

UpStaged is transforming the fragmented student performing arts market into a cohesive, content-rich community by creating “March Madness meets Pitch Perfect” like competitions throughout the year.

Our Mission

Through our competitions, we aim to:

  • Highlight the top student performing arts talent across the country.
  • Promote the value of performing arts and spotlight unrecognized artistic genres
  • Give young performing artists the opportunity to compete for thousands of dollars

What We Do

In knock-out, bracket competitions, competitors go head-to-head to determine who will be a national champion in their genre and take home the grand cash prize. UpStaged produces live competitive championships across performing arts genres such as a cappella and step dance in premier venues, enabling student performers to compete like athletes.

Why Our Work Is Important

Performing arts groups throughout the U.S. aren’t given the attention and support they deserve, and we want to change that.

7.5 million college and high school performing arts groups across the U.S. remain ignored and underfunded. These groups need to be given much more exposure and funding for them to truly succeed at a higher level.

By creating these bracket-style competitions, we hope to finally give these talented artists the spotlight— as they perform for a large audience, compete for prize money, and go head-to-head against the top talent in the nation.