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About UpStaged Entertainment Group

UpStaged Entertainment Group is a NYC-based performing arts platform formed to empower our world’s college and high school performers to passionately celebrate the joy of competition. UpStaged is transforming the fragmented student performing arts market into a cohesive, content-rich community by creating “March Madness meets Pitch Perfect” like competitions throughout the year.

In knock-out, bracket competitions, competitors go head-to-head to determine who will be a national champion in their genre and take home the grand cash prize. These competitions encourage students to foster their artistic passions and form lasting bonds in an exhilarating, uplifting atmosphere. 

The Details

Our Purpose

UpStaged is committed to empowering young, up-and-coming performing artists in the U.S. Throughout the country, many college and high school performing arts groups are overlooked and underfunded by their schools, making it difficult for them to cultivate their artistic talents.

Performing arts groups deserve to be appreciated how sports teams are in the U.S. Consider the NCAA, for example. Currently, there are 480,000 NCAA student-athletes in 20+ sports generating $14 billion in revenue. Simultaneously, 7.5 million college and high school students across 35 performing arts genres remain fragmented, siloed, and unmonetized despite large, passionate followings on campuses and social media.

The support is there, but performing arts groups need to be given much more exposure and funding for them to truly succeed on a wider level.

Enter UpStaged. UpStaged produces live and digital “Pitch Perfect”-like competitive championships across performing arts genres (e.g., a cappella, step, sketch comedy) in premier venues and virtual platforms (from Carnegie Hall to Zoom), enabling student performers to compete like athletes.

Operating under the brands UpStaged, National Collegiate Performing Arts (NCPA)™, National High School Performing Arts (NHSPA)™, and National Summer Camp Performing Arts (NSCPA)™, UpStaged is the home to these student performing arts competitions.

The goal of UpStaged competitions is to support young performing artists by giving them the opportunity to compete against other talented performing artists, perform for large, encouraging audiences, and win thousands of dollars in prize money.

I look forward to an America which will reward achievement in the Arts as we reward achievement in business or statecraft.