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Now that you’re starting to build your TikTok account up and create content, it’s time to promote your videos! If you want to make sure you have an audience to watch your videos then take at look at these effective, creative ways to promote your page.

1. Share your TikTok videos on other platforms

  • Share your videos on your other social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This creates visibility for your TikTok page, ensuring that more people are aware and can go search for your page.
  • Ask your friends and family to share your TikToks on their social media accounts too – extending the reach of your content even more.

2. Promote your musical content from multiple angles

  • If you have a performance that you want to promote, you shouldn’t just keep posting the same video every time you want to promote it. Instead, keep it fresh for your viewers by changing up the intro, the tempo of the performance, using a different background, or wearing different attire. For example, singer Benson Boone promoted his new song by using this cool sunset transition:


    ♬ In The Stars – Benson Boone

3. Pin your favorite videos

  • Another way to promote your videos is to pin your favorite, most popular videos at the top of your page. You can pin up to three videos at the top of your page and these will be the first three videos anyone on your page sees.
  • This is especially useful if you want to promote new content on your page. You can pin videos by clicking the three dots at the bottom right of any video you’ve posted. A tab like this will then appear with a pin button:

4. Be prolific

  • This one may seem obvious, but post as much as you possibly can! Don’t go days without posting a video, and if possible, post daily so your followers remain engaged.
    • Expert tip: TikTok’s algorithm favors consistency with posting content, rather than short bursts of content – in other words, it’s better to post 2x a week every single week rather than posting daily for 7 days and then not posting anything for weeks at a time. Whatever posting schedule you choose make sure you don’t overextend yourself.

5. A video’s success is not dependent on your prior engagement

  • You may think that your TikTok videos will never be successful because you haven’t been on TikTok long enough or because you don’t have enough followers, but that’s not true, anyone can have a successful video!
  • Every day, there are people on TikTok that go viral, despite only having a few hundred followers. It’s all about creating enticing, entertaining content that people are likely to like, comment on, and share.

Check out Part 3 next week for tips on engaging and entertaining your audience!

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