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While we’ve spotlighted a multitude of student performers over the past month, we haven’t forgotten about our Fast Track 4 DJs competing in the NCPA DJ Championship. As we gear up towards the final competition in the championship, we will be spotlighting these insanely talented DJs to learn more about how they started DJing and how they ended up competing with us!

Our first spotlight is with our most experienced competitor: DJ Deadloop. With over a decade’s worth of experience, Deadloop has remained a force to be reckoned with throughout the  competition. Competing for California State University, San Bernardino and TheDream.Us, he has brought the energy and passion of a winner. Let’s chat with him now to learn a bit more about his DJing journey.

UpStaged: Hi, Deadloop! We’re so excited to talk more about your DJing career and your experience in the NCPA DJ Championship. As our most experienced finalist, how has the NCPA DJ Championship challenged you so far?

Deadloop: The NCPA DJ Championship has helped accomplish a goal I set for myself when I became a DJ. I always loved the battle aspect of DJing, and when I decided to go full time DJ, I told myself I’d have to eventually be part of a DJ competition. My goal is to now take the championship home and win my first DJ battle.

U: What is your favorite part of DJing?

D: My favorite part of DJ’ing is standing behind two turntables and a mixer. It’s something I have always dreamt of since the age of twelve; being in front of a crowd spinning some records.

U: Who are the people who have inspired you in your DJ journey?

D: The first person to inspire my DJ career was DJ AM. DJ AM (R.I.P.) was a leader in open format DJ’ing. I think it’s safe to say that DJ AM was the DJ that took the craft to the mainstream. His skills and creativity were some of the most impressive during his time and even to this day. In more recent years, my top inspiration is the World Famous Beat Junkie crew. I have the honor and pleasure of currently working alongside this legendary DJ crew. Every day when I walk into work I am instantly inspired.

U: What are you looking forward to doing after the competition?

D: After the competition is over, hopefully with the title in my hand, I will continue pushing towards making DJ’ing my career.

U: How do you find the music you use in your mixes?

D: I use lots of records pools, but you already know the best place to get music….

U: Finally, do you have any advice for aspiring DJs?

D: DJ’ing is like learning a new instrument. It takes some time to get comfortable; I suggest giving it at least three years. Three years to build your foundational skills, style, and comfortability. Once you have that, it’s game over!

U: Thank you so much, DJ Deadloop! We will be cheering you on as we head into the final competition.

How about that for a first DJ spotlight? We are so hyped for our final competition in the 2022 NCPA DJ Championship, so follow us on Instagram @upstagedncpa to make sure you don’t miss out on any championship updates or the other DJ spotlights to come!