In 1906, in a similarly tumultuous period in U.S. history, President Theodore Roosevelt convened an emergency meeting of 13 University leaders to address changes in college sports and create more structure in a fragmented national landscape. This meeting ultimately seeded what became today’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

The NCAA now oversees 480,000 NCAA athletes in 40 sports (19 men, 21 women), providing a framework for competition, recruitment, eligibility, training, discipline and more. By contrast, approximately 2 million students—4 times the number who participate in NCAA athletics—engaging in 35 performing genres, remain a remarkably fragmented institutional and student universe.

Similar to the NCAA formation goals with athletes, UpStaged™ established NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PERFORMING ARTS (NCPA)™ to help organize the nation’s extraordinary student performers and their sponsoring institutions. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PERFORMING ARTS (NCPA)™ primary goals are:

  1. Introduce, administer and oversee comprehensive student group competition structure across genres
  2. Elevate collegiate Performing Arts to a national stage, providing student performers recognition similar to college athletes
  3. Help stimulate financial support for historically underfunded college performing arts groups, including for:
    1. Groups that struggle to fund recordings, travel, venues, costumes, etc.
    2. Access to performance opportunities in world class venues
    3. Artistic inspiration from fellow creative young college students