Upstaged Presents: The 2021 NCPA Collegiate DJ Competition

DJs are now cultural icons as dance and hip-hop music figureheads, and College DJs are campus fixtures worldwide. DJ battles thrill international audiences, while College DJ events have included the NBA All-Star Game and College Football Championships.

Initially limited by costly record players, evolving technology enables all to spin the proverbial “wheels of steel” — from old-school Technics vinyl record players to professional DJ CD turntables to laptop apps and tablets! The DJ grew from party/club entertainer to culture-maker and shaper of global music tastes as performers like Grandmaster Flash and DJ Khaled became household pop icons.

With online streaming, DJs have successfully claimed this new space, and thousands of DJs worldwide perform for their fans every week. DJs are now the most popular music acts in our new quarantine confinement and social distancing paradigm.

But there has never been … a nationwide, NCAA-style College DJ National Championship … UNTIL NOW!

64 scholar-DJs will compete to win cash prizes, and to benefit social justice charities of their choice as they spin their way to the title of 2021 NCPA College DJ Champion. Establishing who are the country’s top college DJs through public voting and judging from a panel of industry experts, Upstaged is taking livestream DJ competitions to the next level.

Tune in for the best college DJs sets from any genre, both recorded and live and make sure your school shows that it rocks the party the hardest!


Are you or someone you know the best college DJ in the United States? Show us what you’ve got by submitting a 5-10 minute video of a set. Show us your music selection, do you scratch? Can you rock the mic? Can you beatbox? Do you produce your own remixes? We want to see your creativity and how you reach through the screen to get people moving through video and livestream. Show your school spirit in your video by mixing in a school fight song, shouting out a mascot or rocking your school colors!

Competitors who make it to the Rave 8 Regional Championships will have the opportunity to livestream their sets to Upstaged’s international audience and represent their school and social justice charity. 16 regional finalists are guaranteed cash prizes for themselves and matched donations to their social justice charities. Eliminated contestants may still win cash prizes for themselves and their charity through the public vote and become NCPA All Americans.

We want to see what you can do, bring the energy, bring the noise!

Competitors must:

  • Be a student in good standing, currently enrolled at a college or university in the United States
  • Submit a 5-10 minute performance video for public voting recorded no earlier than April 2020
  • Be available for up to 3 Friday nights for hour-long live-streaming events (if the competitor qualifies as a regional finalist, national semifinalist or finalist).
  • Submit a complete submission form
  • Competitors must be at least 18 years of age

For more information reach out to